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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Our Poster

For Brother Grants class the first day we got in groups and had to come up with and inspirational quotes and take a picture to make a poster out of it. We went around campus looking for pictures to take, and I took this picture and Caitlin a girl in my class put our cool saying on it. We are pretty proud of it and we love it!


We were so bored at work!!! Hannah with out her glasses on.....
I want outta here!
My computer... for that day
Work causes chronic lazy eye.... haha
Hannah was on a phone call!!!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sunday Night

Church starts at 1:30 now. Im kinda sad cause I like having early church. Now I feel like I'm wasting my whole day. Anyways Sunday Jon came over and we had lots of fun. I arm wrestled Jon and of course I won cause Im a beast, and I also won Indian leg wrestling. Anyways one of our roommates threw a cardboard box our way and we had a little fun with it. Then Jon and Hannah went on a walk. Kristen and I got bored so.... we ran to our rooms, threw on black clothes and FOLLOWED THEM!!!! hahah The funny thing is they had no idea! I told Hannah later that night and we died of laughter. OHHH Kristen and I.. yeah were funny. Jon JonHAhah you are in a man cave!
PAhaha i pushed Jon on the couch

Oh Kristen you look so adorable!
Jon picking Kristen up in a box

HAHAHA so this is when Kristen and I decided to dress in black and paparazi Jon and Hannah
Kristen hiding behind a tree to hid from them.

Jon and Hannah!!! hehehe

Kristen demonstrating her extreme fast walk
We played a little game...............

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Wookie.... nothing to do with my pictures at all

I bought a mug at Horkley's!!! :D :D :D :D Now I can get soda for 30 cents!
Look I hung out with Mitt Romeny!!!!!!!! haha in our friend Jesse's apartment one of his roommates has this huge cutout of Mitt in his room!!! We tried to steal it.... Jesse got a little ticked :)

Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Bonfire!!!

So all of this started when Hannah and I wanted to have a bonfire! We told a few people, next thing you know... there are like 25 people that showed up! We knew like 10 of them.. haha Everyone is already calling us the Party Animals! hahah SWEET!.. i love it here. I'm always doing something fun and crazy with somebody. That was a fun night! Kristen and Brett in the big awesome truck I drove!
Look at Seth doing the Blue Steel. I dont know where Jesse is in this picture
Jon... whatch ya doin kid?
Danny and Erin ready for some bonfire!
Megan you look BEA-utiful!

Jesse decided to take a picture of us outside the window WHILE i was driving. Yeah half his body was outside the car.
Everyone getting ready for the bonfire
Hannah and I stoked that there are SO MANY PEOPLE!
Look at everyone!
Seth and Hannah

HAHAHA OH JON. You look a little scary.. I like it...................So does Hannah..hahah
Beth and...............her friend?
Fire! I climbed a big rock and took a Pic-cha
Hannah and Jon on the big rock
YAY! im so happy!

I like this one.
Haha the boys decided to throw a microwave of the big rock next to the fire... not on the fire, dont freak out.
Kristen and Bret.... we like Kristen and Jesse more..... sorry Bret
Megan and I layed on the rocks and look at the stars, it was beautiful that night

Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Pre-Bonfire

We are going to have a bonfire tonight!!! So Kristen said that we need to go to walmart really early in the morning and ask if they have pallets they would like to give us. So we went to walmart and they said they reuse them. Then we went to Albertsons and they said the same thing but gave us two cardboard boxes.. haha So on our way to Broulims (another grocery store) I saw behind Dollar Tree a whole bunch of pallets!! So we went there and took them! and a big dumpster full of cardboard boxes! It was fun. Then we came home and slept till 11... we are lazy bums :D Right after waking up....
haha everyone was crappy slash hyper!

EWW i cant believe I am putting this picture on here
It was so cold at 6:30

cold and tired!
Walmart didnt open till 7 so we made a stop at Mc Donalds!

Hannah walking in to Albertsons after Walmart denied us!
You load that car!
This whole dumpster full of cardboard boxes!!

Hannah tearing apart cardboard boxes
Kristen is so proud all those pallets in her car
HAHAH all of had to squeeze in the front seat because the pallets took up the back.. it was kinda comfortable
All the pallets at our house finally!

Just in case we wrote this.