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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Day of Birth

Yesterday was my birthday! I'm not one to flaunt it, so it was pretty on the DL [down low].

I did get a million Facebook post [thanks by the way!].

At about 3:00 my work surprised me with cupcake from the local cupcake shop! Love me some cupcakes.

After work the house was tidy and presents waiting for me on the table from Robert. And... OREO ICE CREAM CAKE!

We drove to Des Moines for Red Robin, my favorite. The waiter let me have a fancy lemonade instead if dessert for my birthday!

Then we went to "Now You See Me", it was incredible! It like "Inception" good. I would recommend it for all!

Robert got me two vinyl records [Florence + The Machine & Bon Iver], chewy war heads, and a GO GIRL! Now I can pee wherever I want!!!

Twas a great celebration of birth!

Since one of the two friends I have in Ames was out of town on my actually birthday, we'll have a friends celebration tonight :)

Thanks mommy for giving birth to me so I could enjoy this beautiful thing called life!