hidden women

Thursday, August 28, 2008

We went to the... SAND DUNES!

She is convinced she makes good fires....
took a while......
THE SAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
IM SO EXCITED!!!! the dunes are so cool!
SHE GOT IT STARTED!!!!! and look its HUGE!
I am bare foot in sand with a huge fire and big winds!...RISKY!
and after like 6 minutes.. here fire dwindled...
WAAAHOOO!!! I love this! being bare foot with sand.. feels oh so nice to my feet
YUM! Roasted starbursts looking at stars laying in a HUGE hill of sand

Attempting to TP

Hal Widdison called and asked me to TP Jay Marsden, so we decided to go on an adventure! .. but we got lost so it wasnt a Full adventure.. still fun though We are WARRIORS!!! ....or TP-ersI MEAN...
Just Kidding im INNOCENT

Megan went to reach for the 4 pack of toliet paper... we said no way!
Kristen your not suppose to smile!!
There we go thats better.
She watches a little too much America's Next Top Model
and she is a commerical ad model too

Hogi Yogi

This is Hogi Yogi, its a fast food place but on the top floor its a cool loft!!!!!
It has Luv Sacs and couches and video chairs
And a BIG screen with a projector. you can rent the loft out!! it also has wireless internet...This is where the fun begins! Ready.....JUMP!!!


We like the Hogi Yogi loft.

She tends to be a little wierd

Ok, so can I

My new House!

The ceilings and cool window in my room.
Our HUGE tv!
outside our bathroom
Inside our bathroom, and our cute floor
Outside our bathroom
Our AWESOME door!!!! the top halp opens! I want to sell lemonade and pie... :D
Look at our cool ceilings!! reminds me of a cabin

The Kitchen
THE LOFT!!! we have a loft, kinda. You have to climb on the kitchen counter to get up there, but we are gonna fix it up and make it fun!
Laundry room. We have to pay!! which is stupid. and my bike!!
Downstair, we dont go down there..
Our kitchen table

All my clothes

My living room!
Living Room again
The front door

My parents before they left me to fend for my own in a scary,(not really) place with nothing.
Here is my bed!! isnt it cute?!
This cool chair that i coverd with a blanket. My desk too!! I love my little corner
Here is our dresser the 2nd and the bottom is mine. One drawer is broken. :(

Here is my My closet, surprisingly it fits everything