hidden women

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

One of those days.

Do you ever have one of those days where you hate the world? Even if someone is nice to you just feel like you have to hate them because it's, "One of those days."
That's how I was today. :(
I woke up to a storm outside my window. WHICH I LOVE!!! So you would think I would have a good day. (Even though the storm sounded scary in my room.)
I got to work and of course there is no room in the office for me, like always. They need me but don't have room so I just have to wait until a computer opens. I always feel worthless and claustrophobic, and I'm not a claustrophobic person.
They keep throwing random jobs at me. So today I get thrown a job I have no clue to do with credit cards. I can barely understand the one credit card I have, let alone a handful of business cards. So I was just getting really irritated and kind of ticked off. Selfish I know, but they didn't even ask if I would do the job, they just assumed I would. My job is just to do grass cut processing, not everything else and this particular day I have a million grass cuts to go. I guess maybe I wouldn't be so irritated if they asked, but they didn't.
Therefore the whole day I treated everyone like dirt. I feel bad for doing it and I know I could have changed my attitude, but sometimes you just have to be mean. Right? .... haha probably not. Maybe I'm just a cruel person. As the day went on I got nicer. Still a little snappy but got better. I just put both my headphones in my ear and turned it up loud so I blocked everything out. While I was listening to music and remake of the song, "Where Can I Turn For Peace" came on. Which is actually one of my favorite hymns, I couldn't be mad while listening to that song. :) I love the way hymns can make you feel.
Well the website I do my updateing on was down, so I got to leave the office! yay! more for me to do tomorrow! I went to hang out with one of my friends that is still in Sioux City. We went Mother's Day shopping. I still don't really have any clue what I'm going to get her! I have an idea though. BUT. I got the funniest card ever! It made me laugh ridiculously loud in Target. After that I was gigglely the rest of the evening.
Today is Tuesday. Which is what I call Daddy and I date night. We have this huge love for the show NCIS. We watch it together every Tuesday. After NCIS is the Mentalist, which we also love. After The Mentalist is Cupid. He used to watch it with me, but he gets tired now. So I watch it alone. I love Tuesday nights. This winter while my dad was down with his ankle we did a lot of TV watching together. Like all day and all night, I had no job and no friends so we spent all our time together. I loved it, I never get to spend time with my Daddy and it was like I could have him all to myself with out interuptions or even the Mommy (even though we love the Mommy). He is so funny and can make me laugh always. I could never be mad at my dad. So Tuesday nights remind me of all the fun time we spent together this last winter.
Now I'm sitting here on the same day that I hated everyone content and happy! :) No longer hating the world! I'm going to be even more happy in about 5 minutes when I get off the computer to watch One Tree Hill!!! I absolutely love that show! I used to make fun of people who watched that show and shows like it. One day one of my roommates was watching it and I was making fun of her. Then I sat down bored and got into it! Now I have started from the beginning of the Seasons on "Soapnet" it a channel that shows One Tree Hill everyday...hahaha I'm a loser. It really is so good though. Life lessons everyday! Usually starting off with a deep thinking quote and ending with one. Lately I have been crying about every other episode!! and I DON'T CRY!! :) That shows you how good it is! Well I'm off!

The news is on and said by next June KD Station is going to be torn down!!!!!!!! I WILL break in there and look at the bowling floor one last time!!!!! I have too! ok I'm sad now. All childhood memories are being torn down. Okay! :)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

I can't believe it.

Has it really been SEVEN MONTHS?! Oh my. I am a current failure at this whole blog thing. Part of me stopped writing on here because I'm home.
Well lets see. Since October I went home for Thanksgiving with Hannah, finished the semester, drove home with Hannah for Christmas, and I have been home ever since. The plan was that I was only going to stay in Sioux City till about February but things came up and I needed to stay here to support and help my family. We kept on delaying going back to my other home in Rexburg. Finally We came up with a date to take me back!! I was so excited I missed my roommates and the atmosphere so much. A few days before we were going to be driving back I just wasn't ready (to tell the truth I never felt for sure I was ready the whole winter) I yearned to go so bad. So I finally asked my dad for a blessing and got down on my knees and prayed to our Heavenly Father. In the blessing my father said that I would know and I would feel comforted, and I did. I knew that this is where I needed to be. I knew that I needed to transfer to Council Bluffs and go to school to be a Sign Language Interpreter. I knew this with out a doubt. It was so funny how everything just fell into place. I love how the Lord does that. So now I have just been living at home with my parents and working for my parents saving money for a car and preparing myself to go out into the world once more in August where I will attend Iowa Western Community College.
It has been really hard because I see all of my best friends in Idaho doing new things with new, fun, great people. I get really jealous because I wish I was there with them doing everything with them. I feel like I'm losing my one of my closest best friends, I know that is ridiculous because she will always be my best friend and she will always be there for me but she is busy with her new life, new friends, new everything and doesn't really have the time for me. I used to be with her everyday and talk to her about everything. She was the one person I could confide in and I knew that she would never tell a soul. She was my other half ( in a friend girl way.... haha) I guess what I'm trying to say is that after this summer when I go visit Idaho, I will probably never see her again. You can call me crazy and say I'm bluffing but it is the truth. She is staying in Idaho and when she comes home for the holidays it will be to see her family not me, which I understand. One of my other best friends and I said that we would make sure all 3 of us would get together once a year till we are old, skinny, and have blue hair. :) I really do hope that happens.
I will say though that I had the best time of my life in Idaho and I will never forget what I did, who I did it with, and the people I met and learned to love with all my heart. I went there with my best friend, met a new best friend, and plan to keep them with me forever. They made me a better person everyday I was with them.
I'm ready to start my new happy college life! I hope I have just as much fun as I did in Idaho and meet as many great people as I did there.
OH! So as for my new college life. I met a girl named Nikki at a YSA conference and we both wanted to move to Council Bluffs! Crazy huh?! So we have been hanging out and have been pretty excited to move in together this August. She lives in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and she is great! Always happy and makes me laugh!
One great thing about being home for 5 months is that I have been able to spend a lot of time with my family and my sister! My sister is also one of my best friends and I love that I have been able to spend so much time with her. She is graduating from college this May!!! Finally with a marriage and 3 kids later. I'm so proud of her, I definetly could not do that. She is like wonder woman, always has been in my eyes!
I love this world! Somedays I forget but I try to notice all of the lovely simple things in life. It has made me appriciate everything so much. I'm happy that the Lord helped me make the hard choice to decide where to go.
For this summer one of my OTHER best friends Erica and I are going to have many many wonderful adventures together, we already have a list, so I will try my hardest to keep this thing posted. :)