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Monday, June 28, 2010

New is Grood.

The past few days I have been able to be at home in Omaha and relax/have fun with Erin. It has been great, I love being with that girl. Anyways with some of my free time while she was at school I rearranged my room!
I love rearranging things, as a child I would always be rearranging my room. Then I would go downstairs and say, "MOM! come look at my new room!" She would always be so surprised and wonder how I moved all of the heavy stuff. (I'm really strong if you didn't know that)
At first I wasn't sure I liked the "new" room, but now I absolutely adore it.

I also decided that I wanted to dye my hair. I know those of you that remember when I did that last time it was a little tragic (Black), but I wanted to try something new. It is dark brownish red, but I really like it. I'm sure it will fade fast with the sun, cause it's summer, ya know. I'm excited to have a new look though, on me and in my room.

So when Summer comes blogs tend to lack....

A lot has happened since I got out of school. Where to start?! It's been a tad crazy always moving. I have hardly been at home in Omaha. So in May My dearest Amber, Stephanie, and I went on a cruise to the Bahamas.

Then I was able to be a leader at the Sioux City, Iowa Stake Girl's Camp. How rewarding that experience was, plus I was able to dress as a super hero, Teachable Talia. My super hero power was "Super Absorbent" (Church related hero)

Followed by a surprise birthday party!!! My Mother and sister threw together this wonderful surprise celebrating my birth with friends and family! How lucky am I to have them in my family?! Pretty lucky I know.
Pictures are MIA right now. Shhh don't tell my mom(Lost her memory stick which they were on) (Sorry Mom!)

The little times in between those big parts were just spending time with people I love and starting my summer out with so many adventures. I'm so grateful for everything I have in my life.