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Monday, January 31, 2011

Friday, January 28, 2011


Today while in the nice warm shower it turned horrible in a matter of seconds!

Below zero freezing your limbs together.


This needs to be fixed.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

No One Likes A Frowny Face.

A few days ago I started writing a post and never finished, the day just started off kinda horrible.
Reasons Why:

1. School started again (usually this makes me happy, but I wasn't ready)
2. I couldn't get out of my parking space because of all the snow
3. I was late to class
4. I ordered my books online to get them more quickly but I waited in line for 2 hours to receive two books I don't really need till March.

Gas Station
5. It was freezing outside and I thought my hands were going to freeze off
6. The gas pump kept clicking every 6 seconds, so I had to stand out there

Reasons over, now story time:

So I went into the gas station to get a drink and to get a dollar off a car wash, I was kinda crabby from everything that was happening that day. I got up to the counter and the lady behind the counter was so rude to this guy that was old and needed help. I thought, "Why does she have to be so crabby!?"
Then I started to laugh, out loud, in line. I was crabby, for no reason. I was letting life's little mishaps get me down. I was laughing so ridiculously the crabby lady behind the counter started to smile.

All it takes is a smile to brighten anyone's day :) :)


Why is it so hard for me to separate you, throw you in the wash, dryer, and then hang you up?
*My worst attribute.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Endless Possiblities

I feel as if for the past while, my creative juices have been gone and tonight a firework just exploded through my dark velvet sky of a mind.

I missed the feeling of having my brain always being overwhelmed with the art and poetic sense of the world, with gratefulness and effervescent colors. I love when I feel so overwhelmed with joy, I can only see “my other world”, but I can’t even fathom to explain what it’s like. I think before I tried but it could never be sufficient enough.

We’ll call her, (my other world) Joygratscent.

I wonder why it happened tonight. Why did my brain slash I decide to have a new plain canvas to start my next masterpiece on.

You might be thinking because of the New Year, but it’s not, or my conscious mind doesn’t seem to think so.

I think it's being home, where my hearts belongs.

All I know is, I love the excites and pounding my heart feels to learn and do new things, I’ve never done before.

So I guess you could say, this canvas I’m starting to paint, is the New Year.